Thursday, November 10, 2011

What almost happened in the famous Harry Potter Series

Author J.K. Rowling Almost Killed off Ron Weasley

In the lead up to the release of the last Harry Potter movie. J.K Rowling is revealing a lot of details behind her creative process of writing the Harry Potter novels. One of the most interesting things she has mentioned was that she seriously considered killing of Ron Weasley. She was going to kill him off around the middle of the series. She thought he was complicating the relationship between Harry and Hermione but then realized Ron would be better suited for Hermione in the long run. She also revealed that she considered killing off Hagrid and that Remus Lupin'd death was not planned. Hagrid got spared because a "bookended image of Hagrid carrying a 'dead' harry, just like Hagrid carrying a baby harry stuck in my mind while writing the whole series." Remus Lupin on the other hand was killed because she realized that one of the most terrible things that happens during a war is that sometimes children are left without parents. She thought that killing off a set of parents would show her readers just that. 

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