Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pepi II: Longest Egyptian Pharaoh

Pepi II Pyramid

Pepi II, to this date the longest serving Egyptian pharaoh in history, serving for 90 years! He has had one of the longest political terms in world history. This all happened because Pepi II became pharaoh when he was only 6 years old! This wasn’t unusual at all during ancient Egyptian times. Pepi II did live to be 100 years old which back then was very rare. In the beginning of his rule, Pepi’s mother, Ankhesenpepi II, most likely controlled the Egyptian empire behind her son. Most statues of Pepi show him sitting in his mother’s lap. He reigned from 2278 BC till 2184 BC.


  1. Egyptian king Pepi II as a youth was in love with one of his generals who patrolled southern Canaan in the region of Sodom and Gomorrah and later married Neith who was named after the Egyptian Bee goddess Neith.

    Pepi II poured honey over his naked male and female slaves to keep the flies off him. Pepi II had trade with Abraham UR's king Amar/Bur-Sin who had built a House of Honey at UR when Abraham lived at UR.

    Pepi II was age 96 when Abraham age 75 and Sarah age 65 had visited Egypt.

    Pepi II's wife Neith and daughter Nitocris had fair complexions. Sarah had a fair complextion and Egyptian men later in Pepi II's reign killed foreign men in Egypt to steal their wives. (Genesis 12:11-12)Pepi II brought Sarah into his household and Pepi II was plagued. (Genesis 12:17)

    Abraham left Egypt with cattle, gold and SILVER. (Genesis 13:1-2)There were no SILVER mines in Africa at this time in world history. Pepi II received SILVER from Abraham's UR before Elamite king Kindattu/Chedorlaomer had destroyed UR while Abraham was in Egypt. Abraham later slays Elamite king Chedorlaomer. (Genesis 14:1 & Genesis 14:17)

    Pepi II would die four years after Abraham's visit and 20 years before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Archaeologist state Byblos was hit by an earthquake at the time of Sodom & Gomorrah's destruction. Pepi II's artifacts were found at Byblos.

  2. Last year i have visited Egyptian musium and suprized to hear lots of stories about Pepi II. He has more than 100 slaves in his palace. Most of the male and female slaves were kept naked. They were not allowed to wear single cloth on while serving a king or his family. In the evening when King Pepi was with his wifes and childrens he use to try lots of humiliating things on his slaves. Most favourate one was ass sniffing. He forced a male slave to sniff a other male or felame slave's ass like a dog. He has a very special female slave who's ass is always filled with wonderful scents. sometimes king himself like to sniff his slaves ass. Pepi II make his male slaves dance naked in front of his queen. This is just what i heard from my egyptian lady guide and really dont know the facts.

  3. rossy, if it's not documented or written somewhere on a wall, then it's made up. This was not Rome... if you know what i mean ;)

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  5. Thanks a lot for this post! It is was very interesting for me since I like all that connected with Egypt