Sunday, October 2, 2011

SponeBob Squarepants and The Seven Deadly Sins

The Main Characters In The Childrens Show SpongeBob Square Pants Were Inspired By The Seven Deadly Sins.

This was founded in The DVD box set of the first season of SpongeBob Square Pants. The disc does say that the characters were inspired by the seven deadly sins but it does not say which sins stand for each character. If you have ever seen the show it is pretty easy to tell which characters stand for which sins.

LUST- SpongeBob
     Most people think of lust as in a sexual sense but, in reality the definition of lust is "a passionate desire for something." With this definition SpongeBob has a lust for everything life has to offer him. He strives for the affection of both his friends and enemies. He is eager to please everyone and will do whatever it takes to complete a task that was giving to him.

     People who have watched a lot of the show will have noticed a number of jokes about SpongeBob having to remember to feed his pet snail. Gary doesn’t do a lot except eat and meow. The only reason he really meows is  due to the fact that he is hungry. In many episodes Gary has been left unfed and has either found alternative food sources and ate way too much to where he became really fat or he ripped apart furniture. This shows that when Gary is left alone he would do nothing but eat.

Wrath- Squidward
     Squidward has no problem showing his outlook on life to everyone, which so happens to be a very negative outlook, whether it be how much he hates his job or how he despises his two troublesome neighbors. He is shown as a general failure who cannot acknowledge his own personal flaws and failures. This constant self denial turns into a sarcastic sense of humor and resentment toward the world that doesn’t appreciate his creativity.

PRIDE- Sandy
     Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from Texas, this alone is a prime example of her self pride. She is very proud of her heritage and takes a great deal of satisfaction in being the only land animal living in Bikini Bottom. She is generally a good natured animal, she is quick to go off about the greatness of Texas or to show off her athletic skills in a karate match or a weightlifting contest.

SLOTH- Patrick
     Patrick is the laziest animal living in Bikini Bottom. He lives under a rock and spends the majority of his time there. In one episode he was actually given an award for doing absolutely nothing, and to keep his title going he went right back under his rock.

ENVY- Plankton
     A easy character to compare to one of the sins. Plankton owns a struggling restaurant called “The Chum Bucket” and is consumed with the desire to achieve the success of Mr. Krabs. With all of  the wealth and good fortune of the rival restaurant The Krusty Krab(Mr. Krabs), The Chum Bucket(Plankton) has had a equal amount of hard luck and failure. His life goal is to steal the Krabby Patty formula from Mr. Krabs and drive The Krusty Krab out of business.

GREED- Mr. Krabs
      This is the easiest comparison that can be made. The greed Mr. Krabs is made strikingly clear throughout the show. He is always thinking of ways to make a buck, even if it includes taking advantage of his friends or putting them in dangerous situations.

Credit given to: dragonscanbebeaten.wordpress.comused as an information source.


  1. I like how you described the characters of this cartoon. To tell the truth I don't really like the sponge Bob , but I love how you did the description of it. Good job!!!!

  2. Thank you. I pretty much just saw the fact and thought it would be interesting to look into. I didn't realize half of the things until I started reading them and thinking back to spongebob. Then the sins were obvious to me. It was pretty cool though, hopefully I find another good one. =]

  3. The characters are portrayed as their sin well enough, with the exception of Squidward. Squidward is less wrath-y and more upset or dissapointed with his life; he's rather indifferent.

  4. I used to love SpongeBob until I read this. What an eye opener!